Super Bowl Balls

01 Feb

American Made … Need I say more?

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Dehner Tank Boot, Strap Model

30 Sep

Now that I have gotten myself a pair of cowboy boots, I have started to look for a pair of daily wear boots that don’t have the western wear association.  Then, I stumbled upon these beauties from Dehner, a venerable military supplier that has been making quality boots for 130 years.  This boot style was designed by Dehner’s own H. E. Ketzler and General George S. Patton Jr. in 1937. Made for Patton’s Tank Corp, he wanted something easy and fast to get on, yet still giving firm ankle support.  Available is a variety of leathers and sole options, this would make a perfect daily wear boot that could last a lifetime (or even longer)!

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J. Peterman Special Discount

29 Sep

Okay, I would not normally do this, but 23% is a decent savings, especially when combined with some of the previous sale discounts!


Lexington, KY – Sep. 29, 2010 – In a rare press conference, J. Peterman took some time via phone from “somewhere in the Orient” to state that he would be unable to make the games due to an ongoing search for “something worth looking for.” When pressed for details of his exact location and the object of his search, Peterman had no comment.

It had been rumored that Peterman would perform a feat of Dzhigitovka, or Cossack Horse Stunts, and had suggested that for obvious reasons, it “might be best suited for the closing ceremonies.”

When asked if he had anything else to add, Peterman offered, “…well, it’s no Cossack Drag, but here’s a secret code you can use on the website to take 23% off all merchandise. Consider it a consolation prize of sorts.”

About the company: J. Peterman has been in an epic battle against all things mediocre since he started the company in 1987 and began traveling the world to find uncommonly good things.

For information: or


A note from the Marketing Dept.:
The Premium Account and Gift Certificates are not available for the 23% off discount. This offer can not be combined with a previous order or another offer. Everything else is fair game. Visit for the secret code.

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Hats from Chicago

14 Sep

Optimo Fine Hats = Ingenuity, Craftsmanship, & Integrity.

Now, those are some fine looking hats … maybe when I get a chance to visit Chicago, I will stop by their shop and try on a few!

via ACL


The History of Harris Tweed from 1846

08 Sep

Harris Tweed has been made in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides for more than 150 years!  In 1846, Catherine Murray, Countess of Dunmore turned a cottage industry designed to supply the needs of the locals into a sustainable and vibrant local economic resource.  By the late 1840s, a London market had developed for Harris Tweed.  Today, the Orb trademark is protected by an Act of Parliament, meaning that only hand-woven cloth produced in the Outer Hebrides can be called Harris Tweed.

Today, it is the perfect fall and winter cloth!  From tweed suits to hunting coats, it is a versatile and useful fabric that looks good in a wide range of situations.

via ACL.

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Old School Tools

19 Aug

A video about making knives the old fashioned way by Orien MacDonald, a.k.a. Old School Tools:

Check them out at Etsy.

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Thoughts on Neckwear

03 Aug

Today, men can wear a number of neckwear styles – the necktie, the bow tie, the cravat, or the scarf.  All of these styles, including the modern scarf, developed from the neckerchiefs wore by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648).  But, are they still important? Read the rest of this entry »


New Boots and an Interview

30 Jul

Getting a pair of new boots has been on my mind for awhile now.  On several occasions, I have done some serious online research, but had not been able to find anything that I really fancied … mainly because boots are a very sensual thing.  They have to look good, feel good, and fit well to be worth the price.  So, on a recent trip to Asheville for my mother’s 60th, I returned to the ancestral boot store – Jacksons Western Store.  This is the place that I purchased my first pair of adult boots and is where, to this day, that my grandfather buys his boots … and, he knows his boots, because he is never seen in public without a pair on his feet.  So, I got this wonderful Hornback Caiman pair:

Jacksons is, unlike the chain stores that sometimes sell a few boots, a place for real cowboys to stock up.  Whether it is old fashioned Wrangler work shirts, a Stetson, or a saddle, you can find the best of the best at Jacksons!  And, it is the same with their boots … they carry all of the best brands – including my two favorite: Tony Lama & Lucchese.  While other companies make good boots, these are two of the best and both of them make their boots in Texas by hand.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Prison Blues Clothing

15 Jul

Okay, while I love jeans, I am not a denim-snob.  I faithfully don my Levi 527s on a daily basis for around the house and yard wear.  Then again, I love a good story … and these jeans come with a great one!

Prison Blues Clothing is made in a real prison by criminals as a way to recoup some of the cost of incarceration.  Funding in part by a grant using money from drug seizures, inmates across Oregon manufacture these unique pieces of apparel.  These items are reasonably priced and available onlineRead the rest of this entry »


Hart Schaffner & Marx 1910 Stylebook

29 Jun

The 1910 Stylebook from Hart, Schaffner & Marx (who just happened to make a recent purchase of mine).  Anyway, here is the whole thing … Read the rest of this entry »

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