Prison Blues Clothing

15 Jul

Okay, while I love jeans, I am not a denim-snob.  I faithfully don my Levi 527s on a daily basis for around the house and yard wear.  Then again, I love a good story … and these jeans come with a great one!

Prison Blues Clothing is made in a real prison by criminals as a way to recoup some of the cost of incarceration.  Funding in part by a grant using money from drug seizures, inmates across Oregon manufacture these unique pieces of apparel.  These items are reasonably priced and available onlineJackets:

They make two jacket styles: Western & Yard, which is similar to the traditional prison issue jacket.


Their jeans are the real thing.  They are designed as true work wear … to last … forever!  At less than $37.00 per pair for the most expensive double-knee pairs, they represent real value.

Hickory Work Shirts:

Made from traditional “Hickory Stripe” cotton that was commonly worn by railroad men, this is another heavy duty item.  In short and long sleeve button or zipper arrangements, there is a work shirt for everyone here.

Once I have a little money (aka, a job) and need to replace a couple pairs of my trusty 527s, I can see myself turning to these guys for some hard-wearing clothes.


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  1. Michael

    27 July 2010 at 14:28

    I read novel a while ago about a family whose father is a prison guard on Alcatraz during Capone’s stay there. Since the prisoners did laundry, one of the daughters started a little business, collecting money from her classmates in order to get their clothes washed by Al Capone.

    The business failed when the clothes were absent blood, bullet holes, and other marking that young kids attribute to Al Capone.

    Anyway, good find. If only the item pictures were a bit bigger.

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